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SalesLife Central is a centralized hub and control panel for retailers to oversee and manage retail components like SalesLife POS, mPOS, Insight, and Analytics. It offers comprehensive accessibility to effectively monitor all retail modules

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Revolutionize Your Retail Strategy with SalesLife Central: Your Web-Based Solution for Seamless Success!

This comprehensive platform incorporates functionalities such as master product management, customer management, pricing management, reporting, and integration monitoring, all in one convenient location.

Master Product Management

SalesLife Central's product management features enable easy creation and management of your product catalog. Define products, variants, attributes, pricing, track inventory levels, and manage promotions.

Customer Management

With SalesLife Central, you can manage your customer database, track contact info, purchase history, loyalty points, and send marketing emails to customers.

Pricing Management

SalesLife Central enables you to efficiently manage pricing for your products. You can set prices, define rules, apply discounts and promotions, track changes, and monitor competitors' pricing.


SalesLife Central empowers you to generate comprehensive reports on sales, inventory, customers, and beyond. Customize these reports to suit your specific requirements, leveraging the extensive reporting features offered by the platform.

Integration Monitoring

SalesLife Central's integration monitoring features allow you to track the performance of your integrations. You can identify and troubleshoot integration problems.

Order Management

With SalesLife Central, easily manage your product catalog, track inventory and promotions, set prices, generate custom reports, monitor integrations, and streamline order management.


Propel Your Business Growth with SalesLife Central

Designed to optimize your operations, SalesLife Central empowers you to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and drive growth. With its comprehensive features and advanced functionalities, SalesLife Central is built to maximize your business's potential.

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