The Best Pharmacy POS In Kenya

Are you wondering where to get the best pharmacy POS in Kenya ? Have you been having trouble keeping up with customer demands, prescription processing, and inventory management? We have a solution for all these: Sales Life integrated pharmacy point of sale (POS) system!


Integrations & API's

Core Features

Take Control of Your Operations with SalesLife Pharmacy POS

Sales Management

Gain customer segmentation, sales forecasting, real-time cash sales data, and mobile sales enablement for seamless connectivity and productivity from anywhere.

Inventory Management

Streamline inventory monitoring, ensuring a consistent supply of drugs to prevent stock-outs and enhance sales and customer satisfaction.

Payment Processing

Multiple secure payment methods are supported, guaranteeing seamless payment processing while safeguarding patient information.

Tracking and Analysis

Efficiently track customer data to gain valuable insights. Analyze purchase history, preferences, and behaviors to personalize promotions, boost customer engagement, and drive sales.

Seamless ERP Integration

Effortlessly integrate with top ERPs, automating data entry and saving time and resources while improving customer service.

E-Commerce Integration

Expand your reach and boost sales growth by seamlessly integrating your physical store with online market platforms.

Mobile POS

Streamline product showcasing, order processing, and secure payments through our mobile app, enhancing prescription services and ensuring exceptional customer experiences.

Loyalty Programs

Cultivate customer loyalty with a tailored loyalty programs. Create and manage powerful loyalty programs to incentivize repeat business.

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Why Choose Us

Why Work With Us?

SalesLife Pharmacy POS does more than just processing prescription sales and can benefit even a small clinical pharmacy that does not require inventory management capabilities. Order and payment processing, sales monitoring and reporting, customer management and returns analytics are all made easier.

Increased Sales

Generate detailed sales records, enabling you to develop effective strategies and action plans to boost sales volume. Identify top-selling products and optimize your inventory by avoiding underperforming drugs.

Improved Patient Experience

Patients can conveniently use various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and cash, ensuring a seamless payment experience.

Increased Efficiency

Simplify inventory management, supplier listings, invoicing, shipping information, employee salaries, and patient personal information tracking.

Reduced Costs

SalesLife Pharmacy POS helps in cost reduction by reducing the amount of time your employees spend on manual tasks.

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