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A set of desktop and mobile apps that help you serve your customers both in store and in the field

A set of desktop and mobile apps that help you monitor your inventory in realtime

The centralized middleware that connects your favorite ERP with SalesLife in real-time

Key Modules

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Payment Processing 0
Inventory Management 0
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for your Retail Stores & Shops

for your Warehouses and Distribution

for field & remote sales

Special Prices and Discounts

Promotions are run for a limited time offer so that it lures customers into the store.Every time you decide to run a discount offer or any other kind of exciting deals,it can get tedious if you have to manually update price or product info.

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Perfect ERP Integration

SalesLife is seamlessly integrated with your favorite ERP and accounting software.

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    We are innovators in retail commerce and distribution software. We designed SalesLife to the highest standards of usability and user experience so that you can focus on delighting your customers and growing your business

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