The Best Hardware POS in Kenya

Are you looking for the best hardware POS system in Kenya?  Sales Life hardware POS is specifically configured to assist hardware store owners and operators  in resolving problems that arise on a daily basis and run a more profitable business.


The Best supermarket pos system in Kenya displaying sales processing information.


Integrations & API's

Core Features

Resolve Operational Challenges And Run A More Profitable Store With SalesLife Hardware POS

Sales Management

Real-time cash sales data, accurate forecasting, customer segmentation, and mobile sales enablement streamline sales and predict market trends.

Inventory Management

SalesLife hardware POS enhances stock visibility, tracks item flow, prevents stock-outs, and boosts customer satisfaction.

Payment Processing

Receive diverse payment options for convenient and flexible shopping experiences. Accept payments effortlessly from any customer, regardless of their preferred method.

Tracking and Analysis

Easily track customer data to personalize promotions, improve engagement, and drive sales.

Seamless ERP Integration

SalesLife hardware POS seamlessly integrates with ERPs, streamlining data flow, minimizing errors, and saving time and resources.

E-Commerce Integration

Effortlessly connect your hardware store with online platforms, expanding your reach and driving sales growth.

Mobile POS

Deliver exceptional customer experience with our intuitive mobile app. Showcase products, process orders, and securely accept payments on the go.

Loyalty Programs

Develop a custom loyalty program with SalesLife hardware POS to appreciate and retain loyal customers.

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Why Choose Us

Why Work With Us?

With our product, you can smooth out and improve work process, monitor your stock, and access basic information that can assist you in pursuing more informed business choices. This enables you to spend less time on routine tasks and more time focusing on your customers.

Easily Manage Your Employees

Sales Life hardware POS system simplifies employee supervision by accurately tracking time, scheduling activities, and monitoring work habits such as punctuality.

Simplified Workflows

Boost sales with SalesLife hardware POS! Empower employees with instant stock notifications, eliminating the need to check shelves. Elevate your business to new heights.

Improved Decision-making

SalesLife hardware POS provides crucial reports on productivity, stock, purchasing, and marketing for informed decision-making.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

SalesLife hardware POS helps store managers improve customer satisfaction by providing a fast and efficient checkout process.

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