Empower Business Operations

Saleslife enables businesses to elevate customer experience, drive sales growth, and gain valuable insights. With improved inventory management, streamlined operations, and targeted marketing strategies, businesses can unlock new levels of success and customer satisfaction.

Reduce Manual Entry

Saleslife automates order imports, reducing the need for manual data entry, saving time, money, and improving data accuracy.

Improved Inventory Management

Saleslife syncs inventory levels with your e-commerce platform, ensuring product availability, reducing stockouts, and minimizing lost sales.


Enhanced E-commerce Operations

API Integration

Integrate Saleslife using its restful API to import/export data between your e-commerce platform and Saleslife seamlessly.

Web Service Integration

Connect Saleslife with your e-commerce platform by leveraging its web service for efficient data exchange.

Database Integration

Link Saleslife's database with your e-commerce platform, for a direct and integrated data management approach.

Order Management

Sync orders between your online store and Saleslife to eliminate manual data entry and ensure accurate order processing.

Real-time Updates

Enable real-time inventory data access from Saleslife within your e-commerce platform, ensuring accurate stock information for improved inventory management.

Centralized Data

Consolidate customer data in Saleslife, gaining a comprehensive view of behavior, purchase history, and preferences for targeted marketing and personalized experiences.

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Seamless Transactions

Amplify Sales and Delight Customers

Elevate your business with enhanced customer satisfaction and optimized sales performance.

Increased Revenue

Improving product visibility and streamlining the purchasing process can drive higher sales and revenue by making it easier for customers to find and buy products.

Effortless Transactions

Customers can enjoy a seamless shopping experience on both your website and mobile app, as orders sync automatically, ensuring smooth and hassle-free transactions.


Your Key Questions Answered

Yes, Saleslife is designed to seamlessly integrate with both your website and mobile app. This ensures that customers can enjoy a consistent and user-friendly experience across multiple platforms, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Saleslife empowers you with valuable tools and features to optimize sales performance. By improving product visibility, streamlining the purchasing process, and offering personalized recommendations, you can attract more customers, boost sales, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Yes, Saleslife offers compatibility with various e-commerce platforms and systems. It can integrate with your existing infrastructure, making it easier to implement and leverage the benefits of Saleslife without significant disruptions to your current operations.

Saleslife provides robust customer support to assist you throughout your integration and usage journey. Their dedicated support team is available to address any queries, concerns, or technical issues that may arise, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation of Saleslife in your business.

An image showing a customer support agent addressing questions about Saleslife 365, End-to-End ERP & POS system in Kenya