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If you’re searching for an affordable and high-quality restaurant POS software in Kenya, SalesLife is the solution for you.


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Core Features

What SalesLife Restaurant POS Offers Your Business

Sales Management

Optimize your restaurant's performance, predict trends, and streamline sales processes with real-time sales data, precise forecasting, customer segmentation, and mobile sales.

Inventory Management

With our intuitive POS system, monitor inventory levels effortlessly. Avoid stock-outs, meet customer demands, and enhance satisfaction.

Payment Processing

Boost customer satisfaction and sales by accepting diverse payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets through our POS system.

Tracking and Analysis

By analyzing customer data, restaurants gain insights to personalize marketing, tailor promotions, boost engagement, and increase sales.

Seamless ERP Integration

Effortlessly sync data between your POS system and vital business functions like finance, inventory management, and supply chain.

E-Commerce Integration

Effortlessly expand your customer reach and drive sales growth by seamlessly integrating with online platforms, bridging the gap between your physical store and the digital realm.

Mobile POS

Our mobile app empowers waitstaff to display menus, take orders, and securely process payments, whether serving at tables, events, or festivals.

Loyalty Programs

SalesLife provides a powerful platform for creating and managing customized loyalty programs that engage customers and promote ongoing patronage.

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Why Choose Us

Why Work With Us?

SalesLife’s supermarket point of sale system goes beyond order and payment processing. It enables streamlined sales monitoring, comprehensive reporting, effective customer management, and valuable return analytics. With SalesLife, managing your supermarket becomes easier and more efficient, empowering you to provide excellent service to your customers.

Customer Satisfaction

With SalesLife, restaurants can ensure fast and efficient checkout processes, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Increased Sales

SalesLife enhances sales by delivering a seamless shopping experience and tracking valuable customer data.

Increased Efficiency

By providing a unified system for inventory management, payment processing, and customer data tracking, SalesLife boosts operational efficiency for restaurants.

Reduced Costs

SalesLife reduces the time employees spend on manual tasks, helping restaurants lower operational costs.

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